Puppy Kindergarten

No Classes until 2018 Please check back for new schedule

Puppy Kindergarten is an entry-level obedience and socialization class that introduces your puppy to the ABCs of puppy obedience – coming when called, sitting, heeling, and general good manners. Elements of the class, such as supervised play, also introduce and start acclimating your puppy to other dogs, other people, and in general, a variety of new experiences – all in a safe and controlled environment.

Studies have shown that between the ages of two months and four and a half months (the socialization period), your puppy should be exposed to as many positive experiences as possible. We focus on providing opportunities for puppies to develop social skills and manners with both puppies and people. This class will teach you and your puppy basic commands such as sit, down, stand, stay, come, off, leave-it, take-it, and leash etiquette. Other common management issues also covered include: housebreaking, jumping, chewing, mouthing, handling and responsible pet ownership.

The AKC S.T.A.R. certificate is included.

For more information visit AKC Star Puppy Test information

This class is an ideal foundation for those who want to continue into the club’s Obedience or Show Handling classes.

The Class
Six consecutive Wednesday nights, 7:00-7:45, at the Osterville Community Center.

$100.00 members, $110.00 Non-Members for 6 week session.  Refunds are given if the class is full or under-subscribed, otherwise, fees are non-refundable. Please feel free to stop by and watch a class before you enroll.

PrerequisitesPuppies 2-4 ½ mos., 1 distemper/parvo vaccine. If you have questions on vaccination timing, please contact the Trainer.

Class size is limited and pre-class registration is required. Send a completed Registration Form, a copy of your puppy’s vaccination record, and a check for the training fee to the contact listed on the registration form. If you’re claiming the $5 rescue discount, we also need proof of adoption. Consider your puppy registered unless we notify you.

The First Class
Bring your puppy, a six-foot leash, and a fabric buckle collar.

Trainer: Paula Valentino



Registration Form

Directions to Osterville Community Building