Finding A New Dog/Puppy


Before You Buy
The decision to own a dog represents a 10 to 15 year commitment. The rewards for that commitment are beyond measure. Sadly, many owners will not or can not carry through on that commitment, and each year, hundreds of thousands of unwanted dogs are euthanized. Cape Cod Kennel Club asks you to think seriously – about the responsibilities of owning a dog, about the breed you select, and about the source of your new family member.


Which Breed?
Worldwide, there are over 500 different breeds of dog. Please do your homework on a breed’s temperament and needs before impulsively buying that cute little puppy.


Cape Cod Kennel Club
A number of Cape Cod Kennel Club members have volunteered to share their knowledge about their chosen breed. Some of these members own show/breeding kennels, some are associated with local breed specialty clubs, and some are individuals who train and show their own dogs. They are a GREAT resource if you’re looking for information on a growing number of breeds.


Finding Fido
Cape Cod Kennel Club is vehemently opposed to puppy mills and the distribution channels that help perpetuate their disgraceful breeding practices. Please buy from a REPUTABLE source who cares and will stand behind the puppies and dogs they breed and sell. The following can help you find these reputable sources:

AKC Index to national breed clubs, breeder referral contacts, and rescue groups. In addition to web sites with excellent and usually very frank discussions of the breed they represent, the National Clubs typically have a network of breeder referral and breed rescue contacts in every region of the US.

If you’re open to a purebred who needs a new home, there’s a contact list of New England-based breed rescue organizations compiled and maintained by Yankee Golden Retriever Rescue.

And if you’re open to a mixed breed, the shelters and rescue groups on Cape Cod can be the source of delightful family pets.