Obedience Classes

Group Classes

No Classes until 2018 Please check back for new schedule

*Please note: Group Obedience classes are for quiet, friendly dogs. Dogs that bark excessively or are not friendly toward people or other dogs require private lessons. If your dog is extremely shy, private lessons that take place in your home are also the best place to start. Directions to Osterville Community Building

Basic Manners

Pre-requisite: Puppy K or 5 mos. or older. 6 Week session. The goal of manners is to instruct handlers how to teach their dogs commands and skills so they become well-behaved, life- long companions. Emphasis is placed on developing a positive relationship between dog and handler, using motivation and praise. We will focus on attention (the foundation of all training), Moving Attention, Greeting People & Dogs Politely, Solid Sit Stay & Down Stays, Heeling, Recall, (coming when called), Leave – it

The Class
Six consecutive Wednesday nights, 6:00-6:40, at the Osterville Community Center.

$125.00/non-members ($115.00 for Cape Cod Kennel Club members). Refunds are given if the class is full or under-subscribed, otherwise, fees are non-refundable. Fees can be mailed in or paid on the CCKC Store Page. Please feel free to stop by and watch a class before you enroll.

Dogs must be up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations.

Class size is limited and pre-class registration is required. Send a completed Registration Form, a copy of your dog’s rabies certificate or vaccination record, and a check for the training fee to the contact listed on the registration form. If you’re claiming the $5 rescue discount, we also need proof of adoption. Consider your dog registered unless we notify you.

The First Class
Bring your dog on a buckle collar and 6-foot lead, a toy (preferably a tug toy), and LOTS of soft treats (stick cheese, liver, cut up hot dogs, buddy bits, jerky treats).

Paula Valentino

Registration Form

Basic Manners II/None Scheduled

Each session is 6 weeks, Wednesday evenings at the Osterville Community Center.
Pre-requisite: Basic Manners or a suitable equivalent.

6 Week sessions. Proofs Basic Manners. Leash heeling, Solid Sit & Down stays w/time & distractions, Recall, (coming when called) This class also includes and gets you prepared for the Canine Good Citizen test. We will focus on the 10 test items such as heeling/ loose leash walking, sit and sit-stay, down and down- stay, come, greetings (both dogs and humans).

$125.00/non-members ($115.00 for Cape Cod Kennel Club members). Fees can be mailed in or paid on the CCKC Store Page. Sign up required.

Dogs must be at least six months old and up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations.

Trainer-Paula Valentino

Registration Form