Agility: Teamwork & Handling Class

Teamwork and Handling   Strong emphasis on teamwork and foundation. Teaching obstacle skills, and teaching the dog to follow your directions with confidence. We also start to teach obstacle sequencing. Speed, confidence, and accuracy are addressed in this class. This is an ongoing class and will cater to each teams individual needs. This class will focus on individuals from the start of their journey to their first time in the ring and beyond.

Homework is required for this class. You will also help set up the course for the week and get the experience of course building. (This is required of all students)

Instructor: Nancy Bishop

Tuesdays at 7PM for 6 Weeks/NO class scheduled ATM

$150 Non-Members/$140 Members

Class is held at The Complete Canine Hyannis MA

Registration Form

You can pay on our store page and bring the registration form to your first class